Family Law


The attorneys at Long and Taylor have been part of families directly impacted by divorce. They know how emotionally and financially stressful divorce can be for all those involved, and they possess the legal expertise and human compassion necessary for guiding clients through the various stages of divorce and related proceedings in an efficient and dignified manner.

Pursuant to Tennessee law, a Divorce Complaint must be on file in a court of record for a minimum of sixty days, if no minor children are involved, and ninety days if the parties do have minor children, before the divorce can become final. The settlement of a divorce, if the matter does not go to trial, will occur through mediation, collaborative divorce, or other type of settlement, and the parties will enter a Marital Dissolution Agreement (MDA). If minor children are involved, the parties will also agree to the terms of a Permanent Parenting Plan Order.

Child Custody

All parties involved in divorce proceedings are presumed to hold the best interests of their children as the most important consideration. Custody and parenting time arrangements, established through the Permanent Parenting Plan, provide for the children’s daily and holiday schedules. This Parenting Plan will also set forth the shared responsibility of parents to make decisions regarding a child’s religious upbringing, education, and medical treatment.

Child Support

According to Federal law, Tennessee has established guidelines for setting and modifying child support award amounts. These guidelines must be applied to any and all courts with the authority to determine child support awards. The guidelines must also take into account all earnings of each parent, while determining the amount of child support owed, and they must provide for the child’s health care needs through health insurance or other means.

Before a modification of a child custody order may occur, the Court must first find a significant, material change in circumstances. If such a change has occurred, the Court will consider the petition to modify custody, pursuant to the best interests of the child standard.

Conservatorship, Guardianship, & Probate

We at Long and Taylor have represented a multitude of clients regarding the full range of Tennessee Trust and Estate issues, including Probate and Intestate Administration proceedings, Estate Administration, Will Contests, Fiduciary Accountings, Trusts, and Estate taxes. We also have the experience and expertise necessary for addressing problems relating to a spouse’s elective share, discovery of a decedent’s assets and breach of fiduciary duty. We often see situations in which a relative has recently passed away, and the family needs immediate assistance in probating a will, and to ensure the appointment of an Executor or an Estate Administrator. We frequently appear in Probate and Chancery Court to advance our clients’ interests and to promote the settlement of estate affairs.

Personal Injury

The attorneys at Long and Taylor have over twenty-two years of combined experience litigating matters on behalf of those injured by the negligence of others. We handle a wide array of motor vehicle accidents, cases involving injury caused by defective products and drugs, injuries caused by conditions at the workplace, and injuries sustained due to conditions on the property of another.

We all have a duty to prevent harm to each other. Sometimes, however, negligent acts of others cause serious and lasting damage and injury. Presenting a matter in court is often the most effective way to seek and receive compensation for the harm you have suffered.

The experienced attorneys at Long and Taylor will advise you regarding all aspects of your case, including, and beginning with, a forthright discussion of whether you have a case, and followed by every detail of the event in question, our thorough investigation of the matter, and the guidance you will need and value, with regard to the personal injury process. If you have suffered loss in the form of medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, or the loss of a loved one, we will work diligently and tirelessly in obtaining the maximum compensation to which you are entitled.

Most, if not all, personal injury cases are time-sensitive. To safeguard the meeting of deadlines and the preservation of evidence, it is important that you contact our firm at your earliest convenience, so we can get to work on your case.


Being charged with a crime is, more often than not, the most frightening experience a person will ever face. The attorneys and staff at Long and Taylor have the knowledge and experience to help you through every phase of your criminal case, from arraignment in General Sessions Court to an appeal to the Supreme Court of Tennessee. We handle a wide range of criminal matters, from disorderly conduct to homicide, and we will be by your side every step of the way, consulting with and advising you, negotiating potential resolutions and providing you all the information you need in your decision-making process, including whether or not to go to trial, whether to accept an offer for plea to a reduced charge, and whether to appeal a conviction and sentence.

Estate Planning

(Wills, Living Wills, Powers of Attorney, Healthcare POA)

We at Long & Taylor are proponents of maintaining plans for your needs in your end-of-life and after-life care and wishes.  We continue to support our clients in preparations of their Will, Living Will, Power of Attorney and Healthcare Power of Attorney, establishing a strong foundation to ensure their wishes are clearly expressed.


We advise clients in the creation and implementation of plans that clearly and effectively represent and advance the personal preferences of our clients, regarding the disposition and protection of assets, while providing potential tax advantages and security for family members and their beneficiaries. We help clients prepare their Wills, whether simple or complex, and we recommend the procurement of a Living Will, a Healthcare Power of Attorney, and a Durable Power of Attorney, for the most complete resolution of potential issues.

Powers of Attorney

A power of attorney, or POA, is a document that gives one person the ability to make decisions, or to complete legal and financial transactions for another person. Powers of attorney can be drafted for any decisions you wish, including those pertaining to medical, financial and property-related matters.

Contract Matters

With the ever-increasing complexity of today’s business world, it is crucial to have by your side the kind of experience and legal knowledge the attorneys at Long and Taylor provide. We represent business owners and other professionals throughout Tennessee, regarding a wide range of contract services, including:

  • Drafting and reviewing contracts
  • Contract litigation
  • Employment Contracts
  • Business Contracts
  • Real Estate Contracts
  • Commercial Contracts
  • Sales and Merger Contracts
  • Lease Agreements
  • Non-compete Agreements
  • Purchase and Sales Agreements
  • Severance Agreements
  • Breach of Contract
  • Negotiation of contract claims: pre-litigation and post-litigation
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