Experience & Excellence

At the Law firm of LONG & TAYLOR, we are committed to two fundamental assets for each client: Experience and Excellence. For over 34 years collectively, Mr. Long & Mr. Taylor have represented clients in Sumner County and other counties across Middle Tennessee bringing real Courtroom experience to each case and continuously striving for excellence in their representation and the results delivered.

Areas of Practice

  • Criminal
  • Business / Contracts
  • Personal Injury
  • Estate Planning
  • Conservatorship, Guardianship & Probate
  • Wills
  • Living Wills
  • Power of Attorney
  • POA – Healthcare
  • Family Law
  • Adoption
  • Child Support
  • Custody
  • Divorce
  • Juvenile
  • Real Estate

Awards & Recognition

Tennessee Supreme Court - Attorney for Justice - Pro Bono Service Award 2022
Tennessee Supreme Court - Attorney for Justice - Pro Bono Service Award 2022
Tennessee Supreme Court - Attorney for Justice - Pro Bono Service Award 2021
Tennessee Supreme Court - Attorney for Justice - Pro Bono Service Award 2020
Tennessee Supreme Court - Attorney for Justice - Pro Bono Service Award 2018
Tennessee Supreme Court - Attorney for Justice - Pro Bono Service Award 2017
Tennessee Supreme Court - Attorney for Justice - Pro Bono Service Award 2016
Tennessee Supreme Court - Attorney for Justice - Pro Bono Service Award 2015
Tennessee Supreme Court - Attorney for Justice - Pro Bono Service Award 2014

What clients have said…

Thank you Chad & Brittney! You hung in there with me for a long mediation with professionalism, gentleness, comedy, efficiency, and genuine care! Once I settled into the day, I felt you had my family’s best interest in mind especially with the surprise schedule developments from the opposing party. You instilled another portion of hope and peace to my family’s life! May God Bless You! Thank You!

H. S. - June 2024

Dear Mr. Long,

I would like to take this time to thank you and your assistant Brittney for all the care and compassion you have shown to me and my case. I have worked with attorney’s before; And, I would like to express that there is a distinct difference in the way myself and my case were treated by your office as opposed to others. This care and compassion meant the world to me as my life was in turmoil. Thanks to you, Mr. Long, and your wonderful assistant Brittney, and to the compassion, concern and care shown by you guys in the interest of my case— my life—your help has begun the process of clearing the turmoil, stress and uncertainty that once lay ahead for me.
I am forever grateful. Thank you doesn’t seem to say enough, but nonetheless, THANK YOU!!


We would highly recommend using Chad for his services, but most importantly for his commitment to his client. He is a very compassionate and sincere guy that cares about how he helps people!

Lawyers in my past experience can get caught up in the paperwork and not be personable about anything and Chad clearly did not treat us this way.

Chad helped my wife and I in a case with correcting the number of days she was told she was getting with her son but was not. A clerical error had been made and we had been trying to get this corrected with our previous attorney and was not successful. Chad went to mediation with us and the ex husband had prepared to go to court and litigate, but with Chad we were able to accomplish our goals in mediation and get about 90% of the time back and in reality we were guaranteed nothing if it went to court.

Thank you so much to Chad and his team!!!


Jayme H.

I was referred to Mr. Long by another Gallatin Attorney. It was probably my darkest day, my world was still spinning; when I called it was late on a Tuesday and to my surprise he was able to have me come in the very next day. Mr. Long himself sat with me for 2 hours and explained EVERYTHING. When I walked in his office I was scared and had so many questions, from speaking with him I gained confidence, he patiently answered all of my questions and put so many of my fears at ease. The following day his Office Manager called to follow up and give me some information that contacts that Mr. Long had gathered for me. These were things that went above and beyond what would be expected from an Attorney no matter what your situation is.

When you have an attorney you often have many dealings with their office staff as you gather paperwork etc.; his Office Manager is friendly and might I add a kind and compassionate woman which goes a long way when you need it most. I found that Mr. Long too was a kind man and really cares which was shown by his patience when sitting down with me and the extra things he followed up with me about which he did before I even signed the contract to hire him.

If you need an attorney and want one that cares and will fight for your rights you would be blessed to have Mr. Long in your corner.

Tonya B.

Dear Chad –

Thank you so much for your help with our situation. It’s reassuring to know people care!

Hope you all are well.

Blessings –


Mr. Long,

Thank you so much for your help during this difficult time. It was with your guidance and counsel that made this process much more comforting. Thanks again for all of your support and assistance.


Thanks for all your help. I feel blessed to have had you as my attorney.


Chad and Brittney,

I am grateful for your involvement in this unusual (and unforgettable) chapter of my life. You’ve helped make this experience (which at times has been horrific) more meaningful and tolerable.

Thank you for the attention you’ve given my case.



I wanted to write a quick note and thank you and Brittney for all the help and guidance you gave while handling the estate of my mother. Everything went smoothly and without issues and I am grateful! You guys went out of your way to accommodate my schedule and even Mr Taylor helped out to get a paper signed one afternoon! Great team work and hospitality!

Lisa O.

Dear Chad,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all your help during my whole ordeal. I know that it is your job to assist people during legal woes, but your understanding and kindness towards me during a very embarrassing moment allowed me to face all this in a more positive light . seeing it as a stumble in life and not a face-plant! I will definitely call you if I ever need you again and most definitely refer you as a great person and attorney.

Jennifer M.

Dear Chad,

I want to thank you and also the person at Sumner County court system for giving my son the chance to go to Synergy and get his life back on track. We as parents are very proud of him but without your help, who knows where he would be today. Mitchell will be celebrating his 25th birthday on Sunday and I pray he has many more. He will be coming home for a visit soon not sure when but if he has time I know he would like to see you. I pray you and your family are doing well, and if there is anything we can do for you, please let us know.


I hired Chad Long to help me with a very difficult and ongoing personal case. It was by far the best legal decision I ever made. Chad made sure I understood everything and explained things in terms I could understand. I was upset at how long the case was taking; and when Chad took over, it was handled extremely professionally and in record time. He achieved the exact outcome I wanted when the case was started and was very knowledgeable about the entire process. I knew he had been voted as the best attorney in Sumner County Tennessee many times, and he went above and beyond my expectations showing exactly why he is the best. His staff was more than friendly and helpful at all times, and it made the whole confusing process so much easier. If I ever need an attorney again, I will be right back in his office. Thank you so much for everything.